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Humanitarian Programme Cycle (English)

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About This Course

Managing information during a humanitarian emergency is a crucial part of any operation. The humanitarian community recognizes the importance of gathering reliable data on the locations of those affected, what they urgently need, who is best placed to assist them, and the value of this information for effective and timely humanitarian assistance.

A strong information management network that supports emergency coordination requires processes to collect, analyze and share information about the situation among the various organizations involved, and to ensure the coordination system runs efficiently. In this training session, you will be able to:

  • Develop and in-depth understanding of Humanitarian Information Management
  • Learn how Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) works
  • Understand key roles and responsibilities in humanitarian information management and HPC
  • Understand the structure of Humanitarian Clusters, Sub-Clusters and Working Groups
  • Learn about Humanitarian Response Monitoring and 5Ws
  • Learn about the mechanism of Flash Appeal.
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