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MS Excel - Level 1 (English)

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About this course

In humanitarian settings, data processing plays a pivotal role to support decision-making and coordination of the response. To ensure that humanitarian interventions are aligned with the needs on the ground, data from various sources needs to be consolidated, cleaned, and analysed to create actionable insights. Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that is used to organize data, perform calculations, analyse information, and represent data in a visual format.

This course aims to provide basic-intermediate-level knowledge of Microsoft Excel usage for data processing and analysis. It will cover the interface and functions of the program, work with sheets and columns, and data visualization using a table and a diagram. Participants also learn how to use math operations and simple formulas (LEFT, RIGHT, MID, CONCATENATE, UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, TRIM, and COUNTIFS), and clean and filter data using various functions and keyboard shortcuts.

The training is envisioned as an interactive and practical session with space for participants to ask questions and engage with the exercises.

The venue

Online - Microsoft Teams


Software Microsoft Excel, Laptop