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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro (English)

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About This Course

ArcGIS is a suite of server and online Geographic Information System (GIS) software to view, edit, manage, and analyze geographic data. This software plays an important role in the humanitarian sector, providing powerful tools for spatial data analysis and visualization that can be used to support disaster management, emergency response, and other humanitarian activities. In addition to performing comprehensive geospatial analysis to facilitate informed decision-making, ArcGIS can be used for creating maps, graphs, and charts to present complex data in an attractive and comprehensible format, aiding in communication and decision-making.

Geoprocessing - one of many toolkits that play a crucial role in ArcGIS for the humanitarian sector. These tools provide essential functionality for analyzing, managing, and visualizing geographic data, enabling humanitarian organizations to make informed decisions and respond effectively to crises.

This course is designed for entry-level users and will provide a comprehensive overview of geoprocessing tools and the skillset required to start producing maps. During the session, you will learn about the foundations of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), how to import and join data, and how to work with different types of data and create maps. The training is envisioned to be an interactive and practical session with space for participants to ask questions and engage with the exercises.

Місце проведення

Online - Microsoft Teams


ArcGIS Pro software, laptop


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